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Welcome to StudioF2 and photographer Ingar Naess (Næss) Oslo Norway

I`m a business photographer situated i Oslo, Norway.  I have the pleasure of living from my photograpy in two periodes og my life. First in1978 to 1986 and now from 2010. Since I also has been working as a business manager in several large companyes I also has been using photo services in addition to all other marketing services. My experience has made me to who I am to day and my customers is getting more than just a pictures.

I know what you are "talking" about, I know communication, strategy, marketing in addition to making your shoot a success.


I have more than 300 customers in Norway and several in Europe and the US. I`m shooting portraits of more than 1000 persons every year and I love it.


I´m shooting, people, managers, boardmembers, employies, for web sites, adwertising and other comersial needs. I do food and wine and I also do product and eventes.


Please contact me for your needs and I wil give you a good offer.

Business photographer Ingar Naess

+47 90117570

Oslo, Norway


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